Ideal Client Profile



  • Desires “Advice” from an “Advocate”
  • Trusting and looking for a “Trusted Advisor” Relationship
  • A Heart for Stewardship
  • A “Delegator” not a “Do it Yourselfer”
  • Conceptual first - somewhat analytical, but not to the point of paralysis.
  • Decisive and trusts advisor to make sure the details are handled correctly.
  • Doesn’t watch the Market closely (daily or weekly) or read or watch financial news much or expect us to, (i.e., avoids Financial Pornography). Yet understands broad trends in the economy.
  • Has a long-term perspective.
  • Spends less than they make.  Lives beneath their income, NOT above it!
  • Wants to “hear” Counsel and willing to “heed” Counsel in a timely manner (not a procrastinator).
  • Operates in a “Faith Paradigm” NOT a “Fear Paradigm”
  • (Has Faith IN the Future, not Fear OF the Future)


  • Over age 25 (or high-income executive, stock option holder, ministry leader, or center of influence)
  • At or near a “Trigger Event” (Job change, inheritance, death of spouse, etc.)
  • “Money in Motion” (401k Rollover, Stock Options, Sale of Business)
  • Wants to Save Taxes on Current Income or Capital Gains
  • Desires Retirement or Estate Planning or Comprehensive Wealth Management

Please Note:  These are the characteristics of our “Ideal” Clients.  It is not necessary that everybody you introduce to us have ALL of these characteristics; but this will serve as a guide to those who we work best with. Thank you for telling others about your experience with us!

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